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Accelerate the growth of your eCommerce brand

Having a highly optimized store means the difference between an unsuccessful business and a highly profitable online store that you can easily and quickly scale to a multi-million dollar brand.

You can spend countless hours and thousands of dollars on promoting and marketing your online store, but if it’s not optimized for your audience and for search engines, you’re missing out on a large number of website visitors and sales.

We’ll take care of optimizing your online store

At Shoptimizer, we optimize online stores to help them significantly increase their website traffic and revenue. For a flat monthly fee, you get access to a team of highly experienced eCommerce specialists that will take your online store to the next level.

The Shoptimizer team currently consists of 54 eCommerce professionals, such as skilled developers, seasoned marketers, talented SEO specialists, experienced UX & UI designers and world-class content experts.

How the service works

Optimizing your online store and increasing your traffic and sales has never been this easy.

Start your free trial

During a 7-day free trial, our specialists will analyze your online store. You will receive a detailed report and a clear plan of action.

We optimize your store

If you approve the plan of action, we will start optimizing your store after the free trial. We will constantly keep you updated on the progress.

Enjoy the results

We will optimize your store for as long as you stay subscribed. Enjoy the increased traffic and sales and get ready to grow your business.

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Supported eCommerce platforms

Our experts can work with all large eCommerce platforms.

Tasks we can do

Here are just some of the tasks our team of eCommerce specialists can help with.

  Optimize your product descriptions

  Improve your website’s design

  Optimize your checkout process

  Set up or improve conversion tracking

  Write blog posts and ad copy

  Optimize for search engines

  Retouch your product images

  Optimize post-purchase email flow

  Improve UX & UI

  Set up up-sells and cross-sells

  Improve your branding

  Make code changes

  Optimize your product pages

  Improve your website load time

  Set up advanced analytics

… and much, much more. We’re happy to let you know what we can specifically help your store with.


Frequently asked questions

How does the free trial work?

During a free 7-day trial, our specialists will analyze your online store and you will receive a detailed report and a plan of action. If you approve the plan of action, we will start optimizing your store directly after the free trial.

How is my store’s confidentiality and security assured?

Confidentiality and security is our highest priority. We take great measures to ensure your online store’s security is guaranteed at all times. We have strict security protocols and our team members work via highly secured networks. Your store’s login credentials are not shared within our organization. We only publish live changes after your approval and we never make edits or changes to your online store without your written consent via email. If you want, we can sign an NDA or other disclosure documents to guarantee the confidentiality and security of your online store’s data, IP and statistics.

Do you need access to my online store?

For the free trial and the eCommerce analysis, we don’t need access to your store. After the 7-day free trial, our team will need an account to be able to implement the optimizations. We have strict protocols to guarantee your online store’s confidentiality and security.

Can you do development work or make code changes?

Yes, we have several web developers in our team. Our developers are highly experienced in all of the large eCommerce platforms and will always follow best practices of the respective programming languages.

Do you have experience with my type of online store?

Yes, we probably do. With currently over 1250+ clients, chances are high that we’ve worked with similar stores and can use the same strategies to increase your traffic and sales.

Who will I be working with?

You’ll have a dedicated customer success manager, who serves as your point of contact. The customer success manager will assign tasks to the best suited members of our team. The customer success manager manages the process and makes sure everything runs smoothly and great results are delivered.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription at any time. We do not work with contracts. During the 7-day free trial, your billing method is not charged and you can cancel free of charge.

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